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World Exclusive: Walking on Waves (German design company MAGICFLOOR® )
World Exclusive: Walking on Waves (German design company MAGICFLOOR® )


German design company MAGICFLOOR® presents a unique wave effect in
flooring and furniture. 
On 4th February German based company MAGICFLOOR® opened its new showroom in Dubai for its 
trademark OCEANLIGHT DESIGN®. The unveiled collection is truly unique and exclusive since no 
other company in the world has ever offered anything similar. Showroom visitors were treated to a 
first preview into this trendy world where innovative technology meets bespoke design. True 
innovation, which the internationally patented MAGICFLOOR® technology is, incorporated in 
beautifully crafted custom-made flooring and furniture captured the imagination of even the most 
sophisticated trendsetters. 
The combination of a real wave effect with animation and lighting features in a MAGICFLOOR® 
creates the sensation of literally walking on waves. In the OCEANLIGHT® furniture, waves are created 
within your table, your bar counter or anywhere else imagination takes you – all the furniture pieces 
are custom-made & tailored to specific client requirements. 
So how does MAGICFLOOR® work its magic? The special liquid, developed as a result of 15 years of 
meticulous research and testing, is encased under a glass surface and further enhanced by use of 
LED lighting. With no maintenance required for the technology and limitless possibilities in design – 
from corporate logo projected in the water and waves to a rainbow of colours on your floor to 
match your mood, it really is the future in floor and furniture design. 
MAGICFLOOR® and OCEANLIGHT DESIGN® suit luxurious residential properties as well as corporate 
spaces, including offices and top hotels. With offices in Switzerland, Germany and Dubai the 
company offers worldwide distribution and installation and therefore reaches customers in every 
corner of the world. Visit www.magicfloor.com for more information and how to get in touch with a 
dedicated team.

The Waldorf Project (chapter 2)

images 1, 3, 5 shot by JEJ

images 2 & 4 c/o Sean Rogg


A first of its kind fusion of interactive theatre, performance art/installation, culinary art, music, and fine wines. 
It's pioneering genius Sean Rogg is not just a film maker and nor  just a wine connoisseur, but a true artist.
Rogg has successfully managed to put together a tricky production with a successful outcome in putting together all aspects and ingredients for such an unforgettable experience.
Such a production and experience would always only work by keeping all its important factors, such as fine wine, tasty food offering, outstanding performers, perfect lighting, and suiting background music, no less. 
Hence, the asking price of this experience is quite justifiable and won't work or be good enough otherwise.
Kinda like a new escape from say corporate life and a stress reliever, as it categorically/seemingly transports you into another dimension. 
Each experience in a particular box/scene/stage may perhaps have gotten inspiration from a variety of films from the likes of Pasollini's "Salo" to that cult German flick "The Centipede". But all in a comfortable setting and process, that's quite enjoyable.
Personally -for someone who has lost ones sense of smell and taste blunted for life, I must say it all somehow came back in this experience.
Regardless if you appreciate art in whatever level, The Waldorf Project is an experience that one has to try.
And whether you like it or not, I would argue and defend it to anyone who says its pretentious bullshit.
Here's wishing you all the best Sean Rogg, we believe in you and love your work.
For more details check out the site www.waldorfproject.com
or simply all it's other reviews online 
Building the EXPO @ MADE Expo 2015

Videos shot by JEJ fopr FACADES

Video 1 & 2 Current Progress in Building the Expo filmed in the site on March 19, 2015.

Video 3 Press Conference of Buidling the Expo filmed @ MADE expo 2015 on March 18, 2015.

Video 4 Video presentation filmed@ MADE expo 2015 on March 18, 2015. 

other videos

Italy has always been in the forefront in design and manufacturing, definitely one of the best if not the best in these fields. 

High standard in quality and functionality in design has been more like a strong and important tradition in this country.
Hence their international events such as Made Expo aside from Salone Mobile, Venice Art Biennale, Venice Film festival,
and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana to name the important few are main events that command respect and prestige in the world at large.
As expectations ran high for the trade show centred on architecture, building construction and sustainability, the 7th MADE EXPO on architecture and the building industry was focused and directed back to growth.
With its updated marketing approach with the sign of the times,  this international event/trade show has gone headstrong with direct and progressive promotions internationally online with both its marketing and ticket sales.
Therefore its strong social media strategy has increased its popularity and following.
The 4 themed exhibitions that it has (1-MADE Construction & Materials, 2-MADE Building Envelop & Windows, 3-MADE Interiors & Finishes, 4-MADE Software, Technologies & Services),
6 major events (1-Building the Expo, 2-Build Smart, 3-Building Envelop & Windows Forum, 4-MADE for Contract Hotel, 5-MADE for Retail, 6-MADE in Concrete),
and 8 halls at the Rho Fairgrounds has insured the success of another very important international event in Italy this year, aside from the BiennaleSalone del Mobile, and the World Expo.
As there were over 30 conferences and workshops, there was an overwhelming offering for learning opportunities with regards to innovation and sustainability.
Official delegations from the 24 participating countries from Algeria, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, China, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, India, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lebanon,
Morocco, Mozambique, Poland, Qatar, United Kingdom, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the USA were all represented.
Interestingly enough this year's trade show has in a way become something like a world peace congress with a few currently conflicting countries participating together side by side.
Perhaps this year's highlight at the Milan Architecture Design Building -MADE Exposition 2015 was the preview of the World Expo 2015 to be hosted again in Milan the second time around (the first time was in 1906).
This Universal Exposition which was previously hosted by Korea in 2012 will now take place from the 1st of May until the 31st of October 2015 in Italy.
The building works have started rigorously since 2012 on a 1 million square meter space @ Rho Fiera, Milan.  
With just about 1 more month to go, rapid works continue progressively as seen in our special tour of the site where 13 of the world's leading architecture firms are present in action:
-Studio Nemesi (Italy)
-Masterplanstudio (Angola)
-Studio Simmetrico (Azerbaijan)
-Studio Stefano Pierfrancesco Pellin (Brazil)
-Studio Link-Arc (China)
-Studio Cardenas (Colombia)
-Studio Foster & Partners (UAE)
-Architetto Wiechell (Germany)
-Studio Stefano Pierfrancesco Pellin  (Japan)
-Knafo Klimor Architects (Israel)
-Studio Speech & Sergie Tchoban (Russia)
-Studio Michele De Lucchi (Banca Intesa Corporate)
-Studio Peia e Associati (Coca Cola)
-Studio Daniel Libeskind & Sara Dowson (Vanke)  
Herewith is the most up to date video coverage we filmed from our bus tour of the current progress in Building the Expo along with a couple of videos taken from the Press Conference in March 18,2015.
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