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Demystifying The Art World
Demystifying The Art World


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1 Yellow Faces  ( RA Summer Show, 2008 by ELF )

Making art, living art, breathing art, or at least that was the dream.  Becoming an artist hasn’t been what I expected.  I bought into the fantasy that art was somehow a way to live and be free.  That art was about expression, that as an artist I could be myself and I would be admired for it.  I was in my last year at Cambridge University studying Physics when I first developed an interest in art, enchanted by the melancholic stories of contemporary art’s mythical forbearers.  However, living the dream isn’t the same as reading about it and despite finding myself in the center of a seemingly glamorous lifestyle, photographing in Miami hanging out with brit art stars, emotionally I was sinking more and more into a hole that felt more like Tracey Emin’s bed then a Frida Kahol biopic. 

2 The Surrealist’s Picnic ( Lee Miller, Nusch and Paul Eluard, Roland Penrose, Man Ray and Ady Fidelin, Île Sainte-Marguerite, Cannes, 1937 )

The lesson has been life is long, hard and tough to endure and if there is a heaven  a place on earth, I was not in it. The art world for me was not some fantastical mystical place but instead seemed to hang somewhere between escapist fun and hollow one-man-up-ship, in short it was no surrealist’s picnic.

3 Escapist Fun ( ‘If everyone play’s a part why do I feel like an outsider?’ by ELF, 2007 )

What I was particularly stuck with was the perpetual nature of being with people, yet feeling completely disconnected.  My sense of aloneness was experienced as a sense that there was a wall between me and art event goers.  It was the opposite of oneness, I was completely separate from my fellow beings and in my separateness either experienced myself as the odd, strange one or, in defensive, thought of them as the aliens.  From this place my ‘Yellow Faces Project’ was born, I digitally painted strange ‘Yellow Faces’ onto photographs I took at art events and in the streets giving purpose to the empty feeling.     

4 Street Photography ( by ELF 2009 )

So what is the art world, what is the truth?  As an introvert and someone who is more intuitive than sensing, I cannot bring concrete things.  What I can do though is relay my subjective experiences both through images and text and in that there will be glimpses of something more universal, something that speaks not just about the art world but about life in general and the nature of being human.  For one of our species most extraordinary qualities is the capacity to be empathetic, where by through emotionally responding to another’s life and stories we can gain greater depth and understanding into our own lives and stories and through that achieve that sense of spiritual oneness that is so profoundly moving. 

Looks for Men SS15

New looks for men as captured in London, Milan, & Paris by FACADES actively roving contributor.

-JP SIngson, a curator, freelance stylist, occasional photographer, advocate of up-and-coming designers and globetrotting blogger of jponfashionspeed.com

Through the decades, a variety of different looks/silhouettes for men have been constantly changing to define the new masculinity.

From basic trousers to fancy frocks, designers have been in the constant pursuit to capture the new spirit.

From the classic, to the modern, whether it be a dandy, a rocker, a goth, a punk, a hippie, to the avant-garde, the conservative traditionalist or the free and radical. 

Even sometimes a fusion of all angles when a certain look or character meets another...

All aspects are considered even to the point of redefining masculinity itself, as straight men may be styled to look look like women and vice-versa...

This is Fashion.

Sir Hardy Amies @ LCM AW14-15

images shot by JEJ for FACADES

As you would expect, some beautifully constructed English classics, spiced up with some very fetching footwear and luggage, were the order of the day for Hardy Aimes. Straight off the bat, one of the most notable elements was indeed in the footwear, the variation used to compliment the rest of the styling was extremely impressive. Soft, grey suede tasselled driving loafers with navy ink flannel trousers, bold brogues with the strong lines of cream-coloured Macs…the list is endless. The overall impression from H.A.’s Spring/Summer ’14 collection is of crisp English refinement, but with the sharp silhouette so sought after by contemporary City slicker. A grey, double-breasted, flannel suit, with black double-monk strap shoes, which was particularly outstanding, will surely appeal to a man with his head in his work wardrobe (as opposed to ‘the clouds’).

Allude @ PFW AW14-15

Images by Francois-Xavier Watine 

Paris – Comfort is key. And so is pure luxury. “As a woman, you simultaneously exist in several different worlds” said Andrea Karg, creative director of German brand Allude. The setting was the stunningly atmospheric chapel at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts but the models had to watch their step on the beautiful but old and uneven flooring. The “Queen of cashmere” Karg has established Allude as a global brand over the last 20 years. She used raw cashmere, fringing, high collars and lots and lots of tassels. Texture and layering were key. A grey pencil skirt was wrap-tied at the front like a pullover might be around the shoulders – relaxed, soft and comfortable yet smart. An exaggerated high ruffled neck on a sleeveless top was held in place with a long neck tie of cashmere tassel over a long luxurious mid calf skirt over cashmere leggings paired with sandals; a massive fringe edged scarf perfectly hit the hem of a very short skirt balanced by huge bobble top tied at the wrists with tassels. There was lots of fringing in grey and cream but the shoes were all a conservative brown. “Our classics are so trendy they don’t look boring, and our trends are so classic they’re wearable.” A quietly confident collection.

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